How to successfully break my spirit one piece at a time

Oh my gosh I’ve missed you guys so much!!

I know it’s only been a week and you probably haven’t even realized yet that I was gone but daaaang last week was brutal!

Let me tell you why.

You see, every year our graduating classes have to participate in a horrendous ancient Latin project that takes up about 2 months of our school year and ends with a trip to Rome. This year was my turn. Sounds like fun, right?

Yeah, well, I thought so too.

Until I started listening to the rumors… The trip is said to be a blister inducing insomnian (not a word I know but go with it) horror, filled with drunk people and ancient inscriptions. To paraphrase my reaction: *gulp!*

Still, I wasn’t too worried. I’d already survived the 2 months with only 3.5 mental break downs (I had to cut one short due to tight schedule), had all my presentations ready so I thought,

“Pssht how bad can it be!? I get to go to Rome!! Sure it’s a school trip and all, but even if I have a bad time, I’ll be having a bad time in Rome.”

I was wrong.

I would love nothing more than to tell you I had a great time.

I really, really do but….

…my feet beg to differ.

You see there was a lot of walking. I repeat a LOT of walking, with very little eating.

Veeeery little eating.

Recent calculations confirm that for example last Thursday 10 hours were spent walking, while a staggering sum of 35 minutes were used as break time. 

In other words I started out like this: 

Advanced to this:  

And finally ended like this:  desert smiley


But the teachers were just getting warmed up! It was like a contest between them of who could break their students down the fastest. Sadly my teacher won. Our group prevailed until the bitter end.

And now I can see my ribs….


So, without further ado here is how last week successfully manage to shatter my soul by..:

♣ showing me so many wonders of Rome in so little time that they blur together to a meaningless blob (*sniff* much sadness :'( thank goodness for photography, though! But still….)

♣ telling me the Italian water is not suitable for drinking after I had just downed a liter….

♣ separating me from the blogging community with no warning what so ever (the withdrawal was real)

♣ making me freeze ever night so that I ended up sleeping in my coat and scarf   

♣ forcing me to gulp down my cappuccino

♣ making me take care of drunken idiots I call “friends”

♣ not giving me anything to eat before 7 PM

♣ not putting me to bed before 0:00

 who dares disturb my slumber?

♣ making me guiltily yearn for my soft bed at home while reluctantly starting the day in one of the awesomest cities on earth

♣ giving me blog post ideas just as I’m about to fall asleep then make me crash into a table while looking for my pen

In other words it’s good to be home smile

But I most definitely will have to go back and replace all those gross school memories with the true, mind-blowing, wonderful impressions Rome is suppose to offer! bigsmile

Whatcha say..? Care to join me? tongue

Potted plant against blue italian sky

3 thoughts on “How to successfully break my spirit one piece at a time

  1. So excited when I saw your post! *laughing* You do make me laugh. Well, what a wonder. It’s too bad. I can’t imagine walking so much and not eating. I would’ve died. Did you see the colosseum?

    • Cora

      Hahaha aaw thanks I’m blushing :roll:
      Did I see the Colosseum…?
      Did I see the Colosseum…?
      Hmm let me think…
      Let’s see I vaguely remember jogging along a round ancient stone structure that would’ve been impressive if I had more than 20 min to view the whole dang thing!
      So to answer your question yes, physically I visited the Colosseum, but no, mentally I didn’t get appreciate it’s awesomeness.
      In other words nay. That trip doesn’t count. It really doesn’t.
      How ’bout you? :)

      • Haha, yes. You must post more often!

        Oh rats! You should’ve played hooky and ran away from the group. I might have done that. Especially if they were negligent on the food portions.

        Nah, I’ve never been out of the US, can you believe!

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