How to not freak out on your last day of summer vacation. (+ An embarrassing amount of cupcake pictures)

Warning: This is a theory in testing.

Tomorrow is Monday and the first day of school and I find myself freaking out and panicking and generally being in a not good mood.

I actually woke up drenched in sweat last night thanks to a horrid school nightmare. I’m sad I know…

Which is stupid because my attitude is ruining a perfectly good day.

So this is me trying to change my approach.

Step #1

Start with concentrating on the here and now.

It’s Sunday morning.

I am blinded by the rising sun with a cup of hot, steaming coffee beside me.

I’m wearing my favorite PJs and my super comfy fluffy socks.

Things could be worse.

Like I said before no use ruining a pretty day with ugly thoughts.

Maybe I’ll bake something nice for me to enjoy tomorrow for breakfast… Like cupcakes! Nothing says good day than coffee and cupcakes.

Sorta like this:

016 (2)


Only the cupcake will be bigger and the coffee mug too.

Because like Sharpay taught me when I was but a little girl






Ok so the baking totally worked. Baking is my best instant therapy ever!!

And if I’m reaaally feeling down and haven’t even slightly cheered up after the first batch ok cookies and take things up a notch.

Cupcakes and music.

Has yet to fail me.

So that’s what I did after writing the first quarter of the post.

Baking with music.

Which reminds me, anyone in dire need of 2 dozen cookies and about a dozen cupcakes?

Foody&Schooly Pics 032.2(Me and my army of baked goods.)


Ok that’s definitely my Step #2: Do something you LOVE! Be it baking, reading, listening to music (just not Imagine Dragons -that’s a real downer), dancing, knitting, crocheting (!?!), etc. Whatever it is

(You said it sistaa!)


And Gawd forbid Don’t. Start. Revising.

Just no.

If I see you with  a school related book in your hand on your last day of freedom, I will slap you. And I’m good at it. Ask my brother.


Step #3

Happily stare at your new pens and pwweeeetty new notebooks 

Two pweety new binders



Foody&Schooly Pics 037-2



Step #4

I don’t know about you but my day is already almost over….

But if you still aren’t in a half ways decent mood you could always

♠ eat ice cream (preferably with Sprinkles) while watching Scrubs

♠ hit a pillow (surprisingly effective)

♠ go outside and walk around until your brain feels less stuffy

♠ meet up with friends (this is a risky one though, I don’t know about you but my friends tend to end up whining about the impending day, which kiinda ruins the feeling we’re going for. But if your don’t, great! Then go, grab that phone, call your BFF (don’t worry I don’t have one either ;) ) go out and get some coffee and a cupcake, which leads to my next point)

♠ have a cupcake. (Or a cookie. Cookies are acceptable as well)

Foody&Schooly Pics 028



Foody&Schooly Pics 025



Foody&Schooly Pics 026



Foody&Schooly Pics 024 (Sorry about the excessive cupcake spamming but I’ve NEVER made such beautiful cupcakes before!!)



And if all that doesn’t help….

Go to bed.

You’re a lost cause. (No offence wink )

5 thoughts on “How to not freak out on your last day of summer vacation. (+ An embarrassing amount of cupcake pictures)

  1. You’ll be just fine. Love how you convinced your mind of things. It’s a holiday here today. What a wonder.

    • Cora

      Really? Still? How long do you guys have holiday? :blink:
      Yeaaah after wrestling with this mind for about 18 years now and starting to become quite the expert.

      • *laughs* Isn’t it awesome? Over now, dadblameit. Bet you wish you had a Labor day!

  2. No such thing as cupcake spamming! And if it makes you feel better I’ll be going through the same thing in a couple of weeks. Plus moving to a new place. (Yay for postgrad degrees! ^_^)

    • Cora

      Haha agreed :biggrin: and actually it does make me feel a bit better (I hope that doesn’t seem mean ?) it’s just nice to know I have a suffering companion out there. :smile:

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