Somewhere, somehow this turned into a cat post

A few month ago I desperately wanted a cat.

Like with all my heart.

I wanted something to cuddle and to play with. I wanted something to stroke and take care of. I wanted something to NEED me.


(I mean just look at it’s smushy lil faaace  dreamy eyes smiley)



But the task wasn’t easy. My mother and brother are both allergic to cat hair, so I had to find an anti-allergenic cat. (But not one of those hairless cats cause those are kinda creepy…) As you can probably imagine it was a hard and unforgiving task. I read sites that said anti-allergenic cats are a myth, sites that claimed almost all house cats are anti-allergenic. I found lists that said a certain type of cat was anti-allergenic and some that said they weren’t. I cross referenced everything there is to cross-reference. I typed “anti-allergenic cat” so often I honestly think it is forever engraved in my web history.

Then I finally found an anti-allergenic cat I fell in love with. (Is it just me or did I use the word “anti-allergenic” a lot in the last paragraph. I tried googling synonyms but there really aren’t any, and I considered abbreviating the word to aa but then I realized that would mean something entirely different and even though I’d prefer a non-alcoholic cat (anonymous or not) my main concern was finding an anti-allergenic one. So sorry hon but there really ain’t no elegant way of avoiding the word…)

Now where was I… Right the furry scavenger hunt! So after I found my fluffy BFF all I had to do was find a pound or breeder or whatever who sold that specific species (Russian Blue in case any one of you was wondering wink ) Or so I thought.

It turned out to be even more complicated than finding a cat!! When I finally did find someone who sold Russian Blues I called them immediately. And promptly regretted it . Because the person on the other line was (pardon my French, but I have to) a true broccoli. Now I may have overreacted but when I finally hung up I was this close [   ]  to actually bursting into tears.

Ok long story short things spiraled downwards from then and I didn’t get a kitty cat  

I don’t exactly know why I’m telling you guys this… But once I started writing I couldn’t stop and after I googled some pictures I was a lost cause…. 



So after this rousing and informative post I shall leave you. But do not fear, my dear, for I shall be back! And until then my noble servants shall keep you company.



(Eeeeeew did you just touch me??!)

(WHAT did you say to me?? o_O)



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