Glad to know you meant more to me than I did to you.

When a friend suddenly leaves how do you feel? How should you feel?

Cause honestly I don’t know. I guess you could say I feel surprised, confused, angry, betrayed and sad…. or something along those lines.
I keep pretending that it doesn’t matter that much, that I’m not really effected but then I scroll through the pictures on my phone and find a photo of us together, I feel a unexpected stab of hurt. There are so many unanswered questions floating around in my head.

Why did you suddenly change school?

Why did you tell all of our other friends but failed to mention it to me?

Why won’t you return any of my calls?

What went wrong? What did I do to disqualify myself so much that you won’t even talk to me, yet alone tell me about your plans?

Can you imagine what it felt like finding out 3 minutes before class began?

I thought our friendship could be something that lasts. Clearly I was wrong.

I am angry and yet I’m still worried. Is she ok? Did something happen?

I don’t know what to think either. I keep pushing these thoughts out of my head but it’s like a dark cloud that has been following my around all week.

Why will she talk to the others but not to me?

What did I do?

I just want to know…


2 thoughts on “Glad to know you meant more to me than I did to you.

  1. It’s hard when you lose a friend especially when, as you said, they leave so many unanswered questions. Don’t beat yourself up about it, it’s possible that she didn’t want to hurt you or didn’t know how to tell you. I hope it all works out (:

    • Cora

      Thank you :) i hope so too, but I don’t think so…. It’s almost been 2 weeks now and she still hasn’t called…
      Oh well :|

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