Girl…. let’s talk weather.

[I hope all male readers have not been offended by the headline, if so please contact me below. Apricots and Cream now asks you to take a seat and wishes you a pleasant flight].


I hate the cold weather.

I hate the fact that I’m currently bundled up in a fluffy blanket with some hot tea next to me and I can’t seem to get warm. I hate the fact that it’s 5 PM and it’s pitch black already………..

Uuugh this weather really gets to me. In all aspects!!! I am tired as a sheep, have a headache like parrots must have sometimes with all that annoying squawking they got going on, and unmotivated like kitten in a spot of sunshine….

(I would give a lot to be that cat right now….)


I swear the moment the sky clouds over so does my brain. Add darkness and you can practically put my in a corner, with a cookie mind you, and leave my there (maybe come back after a while and bring a book though…. A girl can only amuse herself with her thoughts for so long).

Anyways that’s what happened today…. I had all these marvelous (don’t forget the British accent) and productive things planned, but then a shadow fell over the village and motivation was no more…………

Random thought attack: Has anyone else noticed that whenever you’re in a bad mood the music on the radio (pardon my French) sucks???!

Oh wait!! A rare good song has been sighted!!! I must depart immediately!!!

Goodbye my dear people, may your day be more glorious than mine

(here’s a kitten in a shoe to round things off )

12 thoughts on “Girl…. let’s talk weather.

  1. I hope good weather returns soon! And that your headache disappears. How cold is it where you live? It has been dreadfully cloudy here today, but some light snowfall made things a little more exciting. That kitten looks surprisingly comfortable, considering the odd way in which it is sleeping. (Kittens are so funny.)
    It seems to me there’s never anything good on the radio anyway. :) But I think old songs are good for cheering up.

  2. Aaaaaw thank you :) headache disappeared, which is good. Weather still horrible, which kinda sucks, but oooh weeell….. Nothing I can do about it, eh? Today was a relatively “warm” day, we were up to 10°C which is 50°F if google doesn’t fail me ;)
    By the way thank you for the song :D I really like it and it’s puuurfect for this kind of weather ;)

  3. Ugh me too. Winter weather in England sucks. I mean, I like it when it’s frosty and misty, but I hate the fact it gets dark at like 4:30. I hate darkness and we get even more power cuts in winter because of the area I live in (the middle of no we’re, so it’s freezing!) we’ve also been trying to cut down on heating, putting it on at certain times of the day!

    Pillows, blankets, tea and hot chocolate are my only friends at the moment!

    -Kate :) x

    • Haha I agree!!
      Bundled up in a blanket and fluffy socks right now!! :D

      • ugh I need to do a blog about this!

        • sure why not :D maybe add a picture of some piping hot tea and you’ll be all set :D ;) :P

          • haha :)

          • Please read it haha :) i’ve just posted it, its not very good though!
            Kate :) x

          • Oh you did!? Great I’ll check it immediatly ;)

          • Thank you haha x☺️

  4. Hehe.. I am kind of laying on the couch just as the cat in the picture as we speak:) Cold outside… :/ Not much happening on this end today!

    • Haha same here :/ although I’m just starting the day so maybe there is still something wonderful awaiting me in the future!! ;)
      (haha yeah right… :P )

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