Does anyone have some mom-repellent I could borrow?

So my mom found out about my blog…

Not that she didn’t know before but now she actually found it! She figured out my URL and everything!! (I’m looking at you Dad)

Now I wouldn’t really mind (I mean I present my thoughts and feelings to strange people I’ve never even seen in person, my ma ain’t gonna make a big difference, right?) but that was when I thought she’d, you know, check in now and then, read a few posts and then forget about it again. But nuuuhhu not my mommy, nooo, my mother read every single one of my posts in the last 3 days, clicked through every link, read every comment (told me off for not answering some) and gave me a lecture about sneaky product placement because my gravatar logo has a tinie tiny Starbucks cup on it….

She also quotes bits and pieces of my posts.

I’m not sure if I’m kinda proud or sink-into-the-earth-and-vanish-forever-embarrassed. Probably both.

It’s nice to have an adoring fan, but then again it’s my mom. It’s her job to tell me how awesome I am!

Also I now feel more pressure when coming up with a new blog post. Every second thought is a concerened little voice asking me what mommy would think about that sentence? and would she be amused by the phrase I just used? would she laugh? would she cry when she suddenly realizes I ain’t as awesome as she thought?

Ohmygosh what if she DISOWNS ME?!?! And then kicks me out of the house because she can’t stand to look at my face anymore?! What if she sells me to body-snatchers when she sees what a failure I am???


Ya see what I’m getting at? Ain’t nobody can think properly with background noise like that! Silly over-dramatic me…. I think I get that from my grandma’s side… That and her non-extincting singing talent… Which kinda sucks ’cause we both love singing but we can’t otherwise there’d be a hoard of angry people chasing after us with pitchforks and burning torches….

But I digress.

Great now I forgot what the message of this post was supposed to be…. (Believe it or not there was one…..)

Well I can’t think about it all day, I gots to study!

To summarize:

  1. I tend to be ever so slightly over-dramatic
  2. I can’t sing
  3. I want to be a vampire sometimes, but that’s beside the point…
  4. I’m scared of burning torches (think that’s connected to #3? O.O)
  5. Oh yeah! Mommy, get off my blog!!
  6. Please big smile2 smiley







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