Daddy, I think the coffee machine is broken.

And then the world ended.

Or at least my family as I know it.

My mom goes cold turkey, staring around wild eyed unsure what to do with herself while endlessly searching for something she can’t find.

My dad goes into hand on hand combat with the machine muttering profanities, his eyes blurry, his hair a mess.

My brother (wisely) makes arrangements to meet up with his buddies NOW and a possible sleep over all the while wondering what he had done wrong in his previous life to end up in such a family.

Back to my mom who is now hobbling around on one shoe looking for the cell phone she has in her hand and the second shoe she put in purse.

While my dad, now with slick wet hair, is back at the coffee machine viciously smacking it’s side in hopes of maybe loosening a drop of caffeine and is already running late for his meeting.

My brother is already out of the house and probably jumped on the next plane to Anywherebuthere vowing not to come back until the coffee machine is working again and wondering if he might be adopted.

And then there’s me, sitting quietly in the middle of all the mess sipping my coffee and thanking god I was the first to wake up.


Coffee Machine pouring coffee into my red mug



3 thoughts on “Daddy, I think the coffee machine is broken.

  1. *laughs* Fist things for getting the first cup! That was close.

  2. in

    I had to gasp when I read your title. Lovely blog!

    • Cora

      Hahaha a broken coffee machine would be pretty bad, eh? :roll:
      Aaw thank you so much!!! :D

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