Chocolate, Coffee, Red Brick Houses, and Cookies for Lunch.

If only the sun would shine more often and the climate would be a bit warmer.

Then I’d probably never leave…..

London2015 001



The weather has been surprisingly good though.

Look we even got some sunny days!!! 


020(Look at the pretty clouds! )


I’m still in London, in case you were wondering…




And loving every freaking second.







Since my last post mommy and I went to a BAZILLION more musicals and theaters. And have a gazillion more to go.



London and after 061(See! I only exaggerated a tiiiny bit!!!)

I haven’t been to bed before 1 AM in aaages and I’m hanging on a coffee IV most of the time….


Londoooon 008(Looking back that was a very danger position for my coffee take-away-cup-thingy-paper (how do you call these things??) to be in… Thank the Angel of Caffeine nothing spilled!!!)


(Much love to this guy)

Totally worth it though!!

I love musicals! And plays! And operas!

Life’s been good. 


P.S.: I have so many pictures and stories I still want to share with you guys!!! But I don’t want to overdose it…. Would saaaaay 1 more London posts be ok big smile2 smiley??


Londoooon 006





4 thoughts on “Chocolate, Coffee, Red Brick Houses, and Cookies for Lunch.

  1. Yes! More posts… definitely. I’m so insanely jealous of you. And I have a feeling I would LOOOOOVE London’s weather. I’m an over-cast, chilly day kind of girl. Hope you’re having TONS of fun!

    • Cora

      Really? Oh my gosh I’m sooo the opposite (I’m talking about weather), but what’s really funny is that in England the topic “weather” almost always comes up in a conversation because there’s ALWAYS something to talk about! The weather is seriously weird….
      And girl, I am. I am having so much fun!!

  2. I’m glad you’re loving London so much and making the most of it! Looks like you’ve had a fabulous time :)

    • Cora

      I did have a great time, thanks so much :)

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