Glad to know you meant more to me than I did to you.

When a friend suddenly leaves how do you feel? How should you feel?

Cause honestly I don’t know. I guess you could say I feel surprised, confused, angry, betrayed and sad…. or something along those lines.
I keep pretending that it doesn’t matter that much, that I’m not really effected but then I scroll through the pictures on my phone and find a photo of us together, I feel a unexpected stab of hurt.

How to not freak out on your last day of summer vacation. (+ An embarrassing amount of cupcake pictures)

Warning: This is a theory in testing.

Tomorrow is Monday and the first day of school and I find myself freaking out and panicking and generally being in a not good mood.

I actually woke up drenched in sweat last night thanks to a horrid school nightmare. I’m sad I know…

Which is stupid because my attitude is ruining a perfectly good day.

The post where I risk depriving you of your human rights…

Dear Readers I’ve recently done a few changes on my old blog and in hopes of avoiding any kind of confusion (cause I’m not sure if the following posts was even posted on the old blog and this is all becoming rather puzzling) I decided to reblog the post in case, you know, technology is against me (which in most cases it is)

So….here you go… if is doesn’t apply to you just move along and forget you ever read this horrible, bewildering, unstructured post. 

Finding my long lost twin.

A few years ago I was in a bad place.

So was she.

Yet she was my anchor, my rock.

She was the only one who truly understood me and vice versa.

We would spend every waking moment together. Sometimes even sleeping moments.

We would have sleepovers, but sleeping was hardly ever done.

A glimpse of my Saturday


Guys. The things I get done when I’m not studying for anything iikey are AMAZING!!!


Like, check out what I did today:

+ I “cleaned my room” (aka found an old photo album and spent 3 hours reminiscing about the ol’ days)


Interesting facts from my earlier days:

I was the only girl in my kindergarten class.