Breakfast, Ideas, and my new appreciation for showers

Oh how I’ve missed civilization!!!

Don’t get me wrong I loved Papua New Guinea!! Loved it!!

PNG and more 2015 111(I took waaaay to many sunset pictures… But just look at it! How could I not!?)



wpid-wp-1440470596102.jpg(Our secret little beach)


But after 3 weeks of living in the jungle, no need for shoes let alone socks, getting rid of cockroaches (my bro and I had 2 of those suckers who just would not leave!!! Talk about overstaying your welcome… Pfft rude little biscuits) and spending half of the time without warm water, Singapore and people and showers and soft beds are a nice change. 

Ok so I just came back from breakfast and y’all I nearly had a foodgasam!

So many choices!!

Fresh fruit besides bananas!!!

3 different varieties of muesli!!! Yogurt!! Fresh coffee!!! Fresh baked goods!!!!!!!!!

Y’all I’m in heaven!!!

wpid-wp-1440380095575.jpg(And what you see here is just the tip of my breakfast iceberg)


But we didn’t go to PNG for the food, we went for the diving. Wait did I mention I was going to dive there? Or even that I dive…?

Oops sorry bout that hehe 

To answer your questions: I did. And I do.

The last few times the family and I went for an underwater excursion I wasn’t that much into it (but psst don’t tell my mom!). This time was different though. I didn’t mind that it could be a bit tedious every once in a while. Or that it could sometimes be rather chilly, especially if it’s the second dive of the day.

I just love the weightless feeling.

I love the endless blue of the ocean.

I love the seemingly bottomless drop offs that plunge into deep dark nothingness.

I love the feeling of flying.

I adore the tiny, colorful little fish.

And when I’m feeling particularly content I imagine the conversations the sea creatures could be having:


Hey. Hey Bob! Catch me if you cahaaan!!

No! Marcia! Wait don’t go!!!

So I was like Oh my Glob, KAREN, you did not just sass that shark…..


No, I’m not crazy. My parents had me tested (eh, eeeh!  Who got that reference?  )

It’s amazing how an hour or two of mindlessness, no music, no doodling, no reading, no watching TV, nothing to distract you except for corals and fishies can clear your mind.

I know that sounds incredibly annoying and “Zen”, but those few hours everyday with just my thoughts and the ocean were incredibly…….. revitalizing. Or, to put it less pseudo yoga mastery, refreshing (which I realize is almost just as bad but abandoned me)

And during one of my meditative moments underwater I had an idea.

An idea that got me so excited I tapped my brother on the shoulder and tried to convey my happiness with extravagant hand gestures (you should bear in mind talking is rather tricky when 30 meters under the water surface).

Listless Tuesdays!!


I should explain.

I’ve been wanting to add another posting day for a while now but I haven’t because I was always afraid that with school stress, etc I wouldn’t be able to it keep up.

But then I discovered my love for listing things and answering surveys and rating pictures, I thought I could incorporate them in a weekly kinda thing.

You know like a themed party?

Just not a party but a blog post.

A themed blog post. 

It’ll probably be somewhere along the lines of ” How to piss me off in .8 seconds” or “10 things I should be doing right now but am not” or “My top 5 coffee pictures” and maybe a survey or two sprinkled in between. Oh and  some “a picture an hour” things, ’cause I’ve always wanted to do one of those and they seem like fun.

I came up with the “Listless Tuesday” name because Tuesdays were the days I hated the most in the last few years. Boring school hours, long afternoon classes, a heck load of homework. You know those sorta things. And “listless” because I was so tried at the end of the day that I didn’t want to do anything and I’d be making lists while being LISTless…… Get it? (Yeah I know, kinda bad but the name stuck)

So watcha say?

Sound like an appealing idea?  



P.S.: This post is linked up to Amanda’s awesome blog!! 

4 thoughts on “Breakfast, Ideas, and my new appreciation for showers

  1. That’s so epic that you dive! It’s something I’ve always wanted to try, but considering we don’t have a tonne of water over in these parts, it makes diving a little difficult :lol: Snow, on the other hand, we -do- have a lot of, so I spent a lot of my time in a snowboard… and that’s my idea of heaven.

    • Cora

      You really really should. It’s freaking amazing!! And look at me I had to travel across half the freaking world to find some decent diving waters :tongue:
      Haha yeah I remember from your posts last winter! Do you get a lot of snow in Canada? And by that slightly awkward question I mean 2 meters deep or just the occasional coating?

  2. Diving sounds amazing! Hope you had a good holiday (:

    • Cora

      I had an AMAZING time!!!! :D

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