About Me, Myself and I

So. Hello. How are you? smile

This is what I believe society calls a Page and according to the heading it’s about me, soooo I’ll jump right in and start by telling you guys a little something about myself and what I hope this blog will be about. :happy:

I’m a 17-year-old (I’m 18 now. Buuyaa!!) student living in Austria. It’s a small country in Europe and is often confused with Australia, which is why we now sell T-Shirts with the phrase “No kangaroos in Austria” on them.

(Picture or it didn’t happen, am I right? :tongue: )

If you ask me the weather could use some major improvement as well as the school system, but that’s just me. Oh and my name is Cora. Short for Cornelia. You may also call me Coral as I am a mermaid in disguise.

If I have a few moments to spare I love spending time in the kitchen baking. Nothing fancy just whipping up some cookies or cupcakes or granola bars or whatever I need to keep me satisfied for the upcoming days. :tongue: Also I really, really love writing and have been looking for a creative outlet for aaaages and so far blogging seems to be perfect!!!! I’ll probably be writing about random thoughts that pop into my head, school days, recipes and you know just write. (Update: By the looks of things I will not be posting recipes anytime soon. Sorry to disappoint *smiles awkwardly*)

I have a self diagnosed selfie fear which is why I have yet to post a picture of la moi. I may post a selfie some time in the future when my terror of internet stalkers and picture abusers has subsided. Buuuuut until then how about a quick description? wink

I have shortish red blonde (yes red blonde this is important) hair, blue eyes and freckles. I’m about 1.65 cm tall (same size as Emma Watson!! Success!!!!!) and have two legs, two arms, a nose, ya know the usge. Also I’m awkward impersonated. You have been warned.

So yeah that’s all I gotz for today and thank you so much for checking out my blog!!

Have a marvelous day!!!!!!!!


Yes I use smileys obsessively, why do you ask? :wassat:


24 thoughts on “About Me, Myself and I

  1. WalkToRio

    Just imagine if you (Austria) get kangaroos and use it as part of your tourism advertisement. The country will be flooded by those thinking they booked a trip to Australia. Would be really nice.
    Austria it’s a really nice place, specially over winter.
    Anyhow, welcome to WP.

    • Now THAT would be hilarious!!!! Have you been to Austria before??
      Thanks for the welcome :) means a lot

      • WalkToRio

        Yeah, I’ve been there a couple of times.
        Was supposed to go to Redlham this weekend but it won’t happen.

        • Aaaw why not?

          • WalkToRio

            There’s a race there but I got injured a few weeks ago so I had to cancel that trip together with one to Denmark.

          • Whoaw that’s bad… Are you ok? How’s your knee?

          • WalkToRio

            I’m all fine now. But I had to take a month off, well, active rest, that took a toll on my training plan and I can’t just jump to a race and risk to get injured again.

          • Yeah sure. I understand… Well I’m glad your better now and good luck for future races :)

          • WalkToRio


  2. Hello, I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award here: http://breathinginfiction.wordpress.com/2014/11/02/one-lovely-blog-award/

    • Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!
      I am so flattered!!!! Oh my gosh thank you!!!! :D :P :D :) :P :D

  3. I used to love smileys, too! Until they updated them, dadblameit. Now…the laughing one :lol: doesn’t move at all! *angry professor face*

  4. With or without kangaroos – Austria is awesome! :D
    I really like your blog and your thoughts about things (:


  5. Cool blog! I can’t cook anything to save my life, hopefully one day I’ll be as capable as you :)

    • Oooooh thank you :D
      Haha well I started young… Had a very old fashioned grandma who taught me how to peel and potato and crack an egg at the age of 6 ;)

  6. Hi there! I nominated you for a Creative Blogger Award because who doesn’t like awards, right? (Sorry, Leonardo di Caprio…)
    You don’t have to accept but you might like to check out my post:
    Have a great day :)

    • Cora


  7. Hi! I just read your post about wanting more traffic on your blog. You should enable comments on your posts! People visit blogs to interact with the blogger, so if you enable your comments on posts, you’ll see more return visitors. Just a thought. :)

    And most fellow bloggers who are not insanely popular (as in, receiving dozens of comments already) will pop by and comment on your blog when you comment on theirs. It’s a nice way to get to know other bloggers, too. Best of luck to you!

  8. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH CORA I am soooo sorry I missed the transition to your new blog! I feel horrible now…
    I must catch up…
    P.S. Happy (late) Birthday

    • Cora

      Hiiiiiiiiii long time no see!!! how are you?? And thanks :smile:
      Sorry for the late reply your comment got lost in my spam section…………
      It’s great hearing from you again!!
      Don’t be a stranger!! *creepy wink*

  9. Your About Me is the BOMB!

    • Oooooh thank you so much for saying that!!! I’m blushing :D

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