A Thank You, A Sorry, and A Glimpse Inside My Life

Every single one of you deserves a cookie and a big hug.

Honestly. You are amazing.

Never in my life would I have expected the kind of reaction I got from my last post.

Every time I read one of your amazing comments I had this overwhelming sense of love and happiness and belonging (you know were your heart swells up like a balloon and threatens to spill all over your intestines) and for that I have to thank you again because I hadn’t felt like that in a long time….

I know my replies were kind of wishy washy but that’s just because there weren’t enough words in the world to put my feelings into words. The only thing I have left to say is:

Thank You So So Much. smile

Thank You



Also I want to apologize for not posting the previous week.

After practically baring my soul in the last post I didn’t quite know how to follow up.




A school rant seemed sort of anti-climatic and telling jokes makes me physically uncomfortable  ,

so I decided to show you a sneak peak into my manic Monday by doing a sort of Picture Every Hour Thing but not really.




5 bloody 25(ish) AM

PictureEveryHour (2)


Why did I wake up so early you ask?

I don’t know.

Why I didn’t go back to sleep?

I already had one foot in the shower when I realized what time it was. By the time I flopped back into bed I was too hyped to go back to sleep.

6:30 AM

Breakfast, coffee and a newspaper in semi darkness

Breakfast, as you all know, my favorite time of day bigsmile

Accompanied by the mandatory coffee and a newspaper because I don’t like not knowing anything about nothing and recently decided to change that.  (That and it makes me feel so smartishious while sipping ma cuppa joe tongue )

somewhere between 7:30 AM and death

Sunrise while waiting for tram

Finding joy in watching the sun rise. smile


My owl backpack and a woman's torso

Awkwardly trying to take a sneaky picture in the tram.


8:59 AM


Last minute of freedom.


8:30 and a few


First lesson: Biologyyy



Current topic: something about plants….. I wish we’d cover the human body as detailed as the evolution of the pea….



9:30 AM


Awkward Bathroom Selfie


10:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Blah blah school blah snack blah blah blah





(Food!!!! tongue )



Math(Slight mental break down in math…. Only later did I realize it’s actually the 20th….)


4:30 PM

Uuuh look what I found rolleyes

Yogurt 'n Cranberries

Caught in the midst of a sudden hunger attack I had to scavenge the next supermarket for edible goods.


5:30 PM

Wet leaves, pink shoes

Squish squash, squish squash.

Trotting home in pouring rain. 


6:30 PM



Ew. Just Ew.


7:30 PM


Finally! Been looking forward to it ever since I left school. tongue


9:30 PM

Last minute crazy panic baking when I remembered I needed to bring cookies for my Latin presentation tomorrow.



10:30 PM

Bed! Glorious bed. Wonderful beeeeed! bigsmile  ?

Teddy is sleepy


Good Night. kitten


I know this isn’t a classic Apricots and Cream post, but I had loads of fun doing this and was wondering if I should throw in a few of these kind of posts every now and then. Whatcha say?

Question: How was your day? Tell me about it! smile

3 thoughts on “A Thank You, A Sorry, and A Glimpse Inside My Life

  1. Yes, definitely do! Loved this one to many deaths. Very entertaining, and digging your red phone, too. Everything should be red. Also, your math work is super neat!

    • Cora

      Hihi yay glad to hear :D and thanks my bro drew the cover for me :)

      • Very gifted bro! I should get a red phone, but then I wouldn’t be able to camouflage as well. Hmm.

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