Thursday Night Fever

Hey guys.

What’s up? smile Sooooooooo….. As you may know today is Thursday. Well to be more precise it’s Thursday evening. Ok well actually it’s Thursday night. And I can’t fall asleep which ya know kinda sucks due to the fact that I have to wake up at 6 tomorrow morning (yeah thanks a lot school)…….. Does anyone know how to make evil smileys? You know like the red little grumpy faces with the tiny horns? No? Well ok then…. As I was saying it’s 11:07 PM and I can’t fall asleep even though I must…. hey look I can write in color!!!!! Hmmm I can’t go back….. well this is awkward….. nope I don’t like this color. Ok seriously how do I undo this!!!!!!

Well, Oh my Gosh it’s back to normal!!!!!!!! O.O as I was saying…. wait what was I saying…. right sleep…. I must….yet can’t….. I tried pretty much everything there is. I transported myself to my “happy place” and stayed there for a while…..



Then I counted back from 100 (now that is a theory not worth trying, somewhere along 53 my mind got bored and decided to go for a walk. And it has yet to return….)

Theeen I made myself some tea




And now I’m writing this post. Anyone got any genius falling asleep ideas? Maybe I should check wikihow, I’m sure I’ll find something useful there…. Or I could read a book…. Yeah that sounds nice I’ll read a book!! Yaay go me!! And you know what I’m starting to feel a little tired……….

Good Night World!!! 


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