Even the early bird needs sleep every now and then

You know what really ticks me off about school? (Aside from the obvious that is.) 

I wake up almost every day and I have all these ideas for a story or a blog post, but I never get around to writing them down, because when I do, I’m late!!!

I know I could wake up earlier and MAKE the time, but that would mean waking up at 5:30 in the morning!!!! Or 6 AM at the very latest…..

And I mean I know I keep preaching about being a morning person and all, buuuuuuut that would would be overdoing it a teeny weenie bit, don’t you agree? Also there’s a HUGE difference between waking up own your or having some bloody technological thingy ripping you out of Dreamland.

But I digress….

I have tried taking a notebook with my so that I can write the ideas down later during the tram ride, but most of the time I end up forgetting them!!!! angry

So my dear blogging buddies, what do I do??!

Do I wake up half an hour earlier?

Or  do I skip breakfast?

Ohmygosh this is like Sophie’s Choice really hard!!!

Sleep or Food?

Sleep or Food??

SLEEP OR FOOD???!!! mindblown

AAAAAAAH I can’t do it!!! Does anyone have some genius advice that could save me from my dilemma?? Please?

Because not doing either and just continue writing in the afternoon is not an option. I’m always a tired wreck drowning in school work during that time, so my writing motivation (or doing anything for that matter) is equivalent to ZIP (which I have been told is a term for “zero” or “not at all” commonly used by young adults these days).


Well I’m going to bed now, as it currently is afternoon and I am a tired, swamped with schoolwork zombie. Therefore I am now taking a denial nap instead.

Ever heard of a better plan?

I don’t think so. bigsmile

(If the case is different, please keep the information to yourself. Thank you.)





2 thoughts on “Even the early bird needs sleep every now and then

  1. Mindy

    I suppose you could just write the post (at your own pace), save it until it’s finished and then schedule it for whatever time you’d actually like to have it posted?

    • Cora

      I thought of that but that would mean some serious planning ahead…Something I’m not very good at :blush: but I guess if worse comes to worse I’ll have to buy a calender :smile:

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